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We process data from a wide variety of retail locations in the consumer packaged goods industry, including supermarkets, dollar stores, tobacco/beer/liquor stores, drugstores/pharmacies, and convenience stores. Our main focus is on convenience store sales data.
We process data for distributors, manufacturers, brokers, and retailers across the United States of America, including Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, we process data for retail locations in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam.
We process data and deliver results on a weekly basis.
Our hours of operation are between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), every weekday (Monday through Friday), excluding federal holidays.
Infobate was founded by Paul George in 2002, as a business entity under DEBS InfoNet, Inc.
We provide solutions for distributors, manufacturers, brokers, and retailers in the consumer packaged goods industry. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are consumable goods such as food and beverages, tobacco and beer/liquor, health and beauty, etc. In general, consumer packaged goods are products that are used often and must be replaced frequently and can be purchased at retail locations such as supermarkets, dollar stores, drugstores, and convenience stores.