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Gain a competitive advantage without competing for quality results.

Distributor sales data is used to support many initiatives. Quick and easy access to such information is a key component of sales analysis, forecasting, trade programs, and other business building activities. The collection and processing of distributor data establishes the fundamental data set, which is the basis for most of our services.

Our solution is a state-of-the-art system run on the industry’s most powerful hardware developed specifically for distributor data processing projects. This system ensures the collection and processing of distributor data with high accuracy in the shortest amount of time.

Normalizing and merging distributor data requires specialized systems, processes, and an in-depth knowledge of distributor business systems. Our systems are programmed to interpret and process distributor data, specific to each project, in order to observe variations in business protocols for each client. However, our close working relationships with Distributors, and a deep knowledge of their business systems and processes, give us a true competitive edge in regards to handling distributor data.

We recognize that our clients work in a highly competitive environment, with a large volume of information that needs to be processed and prioritized in order to gain a competitive advantage. Our staff and systems can provide optimum insight into how to view and use sales data to make sales objectives and support management decisions.



We leverage our knowledge and experience of the industry with our state-of-the-art systems to help you make better business decisions.

Our systems are designed to manage and monitor your retailer agreements, and recognize the unique terms within them individually.

Track the number of products sold, retail prices set, termination procedures, and any other provisions outlined in your contracts.

Ensure program compliance by filling product voids, monitoring shipments, and gain a better understanding of consumer spending habits, including seasonal trends.

Know exactly how much your company is spending to meet program expectations, and the number of dollars your business is earning in return for fulfillment.



We’re on a mission to help distributors understand, transform, and create collaborative retailer-supplier processes that effectively deliver results.

We utilize syndicated data to empower marketing, product development, and pricing strategies.

Save paper and ink by managing your business transactions electronically through our systems, which allow you to create orders, review compliance, fill voids, track distribution, manage special events, promotions, and so much more!

Identify under-performing products based on store-to-shelf analysis, and tackle out-of-stock expectations on popular consumer goods.

Save personnel time by using our analytics that monitor consumer spending habits on a store-level basis – so you’ll always know which products will be profitable on the shelves, and which products won’t be.



Our interactive reporting systems allow you to take financial control of every aspect of your business, including potential sales analysis, actual sales analysis, and syndicated data-based sales analysis.

We give you the tools to design and execute effective promotions and new product introductions on a store-level basis, and the ability to understand geo-demographic and store-specific factors that drive profit through detailed reports and charts – so you can forecast the potential success (or failure) of a product.

Enjoy the convenience of one interface with access to all of the applications you need to make better business decisions – at any time, in any place, using any device, and on any platform.



No one knows your customer better than you do, and we’ll help you identify the ingredients you need to create your customer’s recipe for success.