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The promise of a better tomorrow starts with you.

Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

We believe manufacturers are at the starting point of innovation and positive change.

It’s no secret the important role manufacturers play in our everyday society. Your products and ideas have the power to influence multiple generations of people, sustain and support the livelihood of communities and cultures (big or small) all around the world, create new memories and traditions among families and friends, and even bring people together for a common cause.

Your snacks fuel the on-the-go super mom who didn’t have time to prepare lunch today.

Your beverages quench the thirst of the high school athlete who’s training for the next big game.

Your candies tackle on the untameable sweet tooth of every child, and the inner child within us all.

Your health products help heal the aches, pains, itching, and sneezing during any season.

We don’t underestimate the power of your brand.

Manufacturing Process

With every new product, you risk success and/or failure based on consumer habits and market trends, but it’s a necessary challenge that drives progress and improves the interworkings of our society. It’s a trial and error process, but it doesn’t have to be. So, how do you figure out whether or not your product is successful in a market without resulting in a steep loss?

The secret to your future success lies within the analysis of past sales.


Stop trying to sell snow in Antarctica when water is needed in the desert. Your product may be flying off the shelves in Columbus, Ohio, but not in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s important to know where your product has the strongest sales factor, and where it doesn’t. We analyze your sales data, and transform it into results on a store-level basis, down to the retailer and geographical location. You can trust us to help you gain a better understanding of the market your product is competing in.


Take advantage of seasonally-influenced consumer habits. Let’s say you’ve noticed that your product has a higher demand in January then it does in July. You need to develop attractive incentive programs that help distributors and retailers take advantage of those consumer habits, and increase overall profitability for everyone down the line. We provide a detailed product analysis and review based on category, distributor, representative, and retailer, so you can account for every dollar on the table.


Build upon relationships that have the best interest of your product in mind. One distributor may be able to sell thousands of dollars worth of your product, while another may only sell a few hundred, or none at all. By identifying which distributors have a better hand in the market or understand the value of your product, you can distribute resources to the appropriate parties, and determine what would be the best potential outcome of marketing strategies, product placement, and overall sales performance.


Stay ahead of your competitors by looking behind. There is no better way to move forward than to remember where you’ve come from. We help manufacturers recognize their potential by collecting weeks, months, and years worth of data, helping you shine a light on the programs and sales tactics that work, and the ones that don’t. It’s important to understand the weaknesses of your business in order for you be successful – learn how to embrace them, improve upon them, and use them like shields against the competition.

We’re here to help you gain a different perspective on your sales performance.

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